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Powder coated noise protection enclosure

Coatings are used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion or for aesthetic reasons.  Powder coatings are highly professional with regard to their uniform appearance, bonding and pre-treatment capabilities, and short application time. For noise protection enclosures, each individual component is separately and completely powder coated to ensure a guaranteed corrosion-free protection at the joints as well. One-layer coatings at 70 µm or multi-layered coatings can be applied; many RAL colours are available in stock.

Project information

  • Material: DX 51
  • Powder coating: 70 µm, RAL 5002
  • Measurements: approx. 2 m x 1,4 m x 1,8 m
  • Level of reduction: approx. 20 dB
  • Location: Switzerland