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Halar-interior coating for highly corrosive media

Halar is an engineering plastic very similar to Teflon; their durability and coating properties are comparable. However, Halar has significant advantages with regard to fire behaviour. For fire safety requirements our DUCoaT-system replaces complete pipe systems made solely out of PPS- Polypropylene in many applications. The Halar coating is applied on the interior of pipe and duct systems to protect the stainless steel material from aggressive components in the medium, such as acids and alkalis. Almost every shape can be coated, even the smallest diameters of measuring points.

Project information

  • Material: 1.4301, Halar coated interior
  • Connection: DiBo-clamping ring system
  • Sheet thickness: approx. 1 – 1,5 mm
  • Certification: FM approval
  • Location: worldwide