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Ventilation systems for combustion air are used in furnace technologies for aluminium production. One special feature is that the equipment is mounted on steel springs for an elastic bearing and can be entirely moved with a factory crane. The systems are manufactured and completely assembled in our factory and then delivered after a performance test.

The supply air unit delivers fresh air to the power plant, e.g. in turbine or boiler houses. External air is sucked in through a weather protection grill and a multi-leaf damper and then led back into the room through a suction silencer. If needed, a heater can be integrated in order to warm the intake air.

Hot exhaust gas from parallel oven shafts is extracted through 6-10 flexible and valve controlled branches and discharged through the main pipe. The manifold has a diameter of approx. 1 m, is continuous welded and can be assembled as one solid piece.

Noise protection enclosures are needed for gas and steam turbines due to their extreme noise levels (comparable to airplane turbines). The noise protection enclosures are modularly constructed as an assembly kit, delivered with a hot-dip galvanised steel base and assembled on site. Several parts of the enclosure are accessible for inspection and maintenance purposes.

Throttle valves are used for air volume control in order, for example, to regulate various extraction points or to block off individual ducts. Welded throttle valves (shaft, flap, bearing) have to be adjusted to the mechanical requirements of the plant – pressure, speed, temperature, medium.

Silencers are used in oxygen stations containing rotary blowers. Because of the alternating pressure loads, especially high demands are placed on the vessel and their noise protection devices. The vessels are ideally of round design; the interior fittings are a combination of absorbent filling with a special cover plate for the protection of the mineral wool. To reduce the low frequencies, the absorbers are combined with panel resonators.

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