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Rectangular industrial silencers with connecting pipe and exhaust stack for polluted air. The welded silencer casing is equipped with inspection doors and removable splitters. The splitters can be vacuumed and wiped clean. The steel construction carries the complete load of the structure also allowing for wind load. The stacks are equipped with platforms and measuring points for regulatory inspections.

Grains are pre-cleaned in the ducts – “the chaff is sifted from the wheat”. Typical duct cross-sections have edge lengths of 600 - 1200mm. On site several of these curved and welded duct assemblies are screwed together with other components to form a grain processing plant.

Rectangular exhaust air silencers with exhaust air towers and deflector hood for protection from rain. Silencers are usually constructed with noise absorbing interior components containing mineral wool. The surface is covered with perforated sheet metal along with glass fibre fabric, foil or stainless steel mesh. However, it must remain “acoustically” open to the air flow. In the project presented on this page, the splitter silencer, which can be completely removed and cleaned, are aligned behind convenient inspection openings, which can be reached by a steel construction platform.

Stainless steel custom design – weighing equipment – as per customer drawing. Very strict hygiene requirements apply in the food industry. These must be kept in mind when designing the construction, especially in regards to cleanability and disinfecting capabilities. An even and smooth surface must be achieved; sometimes a maximum roughness is defined. Inaccessible cavities and pores in the weld seam are absolutely not permitted. Pickled surfaces free of grease and completely sealed packaging round out this offer.

Stainless steel custom design as per customer drawing – in slaughter houses all components must be produced of stainless steel in order to meet hygiene requirements (cleaning, disinfecting). The drain structure is a multi-piece, welded or bolted, construction – base frame with mounted feet, drain and cover plates. High demands for surface quality (smoothness, appearance, evenness, pickling, grinding) apply and require the corresponding know-how of the industry.

For the storage and mixing of bulk goods in the food industry, silos are usually designed with a conical outlet for an optimal handling of the goods. Cold-rolled steel is used for materials that come in contact with the media; if required corresponding material certificates are available. During fabrication, close attention must be paid to a gap-free welding and interior weld seams must be ground flush with the sheet metal (Ra<0,8 μm). The final surface is treated with ceramic or glass bead blasting.

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