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LBF has a wide range of assembly experience, including in the following sectors: furnace systems, paper technologies, microchip industries, electroplating industries, CHP facilities, exhaust gas systems and air duct systems. On request, LBF will assemble, among other things, our noise protection enclosures with steel constructions, industrial silencers, ventilation towers and large spring elements. Of course LBF can also completely assemble the systems, including the parts provided to us by the customer, such as expansion joints, valves, fans and much more.

Project information

  • Assembly I: pipe and duct systems, mounts, ventilation towers
  • Assembly II: steel construction and noise protection enclosures, large spring elements
  • Support: site management, provision of cranes, lifting gear
  • On site welding: if required, by certified welders
  • Location: national and international