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Exhaust gas manifold in 1.4541 for furnace systems

Stainless steel 1.4541 is used in exhaust gas lines and stacks discharging furnace exhaust air with maximum temperatures of approx. 450° - 500°C. Depending on the type of fuel, exhaust gases contain among other things sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxides (SO2 or NOX), which in water form sulphuric acid or nitric acid. Particularly facilities that are not in continuous operation are at risk of this, for example, through the build up of condensation. During the design process, the demands that the temperature place on the material must be considered as well as the protection needed to prevent corrosion.

Project information

  • Material: 1.4541
  • Sheet thickness: approx. 12 m
  • Application: steel manufacturing
  • Weight: approx. 800 kg
  • Location: Northern Ireland